About Us

Ayati Devices is a healthcare start-up that was incorporated on 9th February 2019. With a strong focus on neuropathy and foot complications caused by diabetes, our aim is to innovate an bring actionable and impactful products to the society. We have been awarded BIRAC BIG Grant by Government of India and are currently incubated at SINE, IIT Bombay.

Our Motto

Catering to innovative toolsfor human protection and better detection

Our Vision

To enable every human to live a healthier life

Meet our founders

Nishant Kathpal

(CEO & Director)

Development of Electro Management role in all day-to-day activities pertaining to the company, product development strategy and its implementation, business & sales strategy and clinical study planning.

Dr. Rupesh Ghyar


Development of medical devices Regulatory pathway, tria business development.